Get Two FREE Colgate Toothpastes at Walgreens!

This week there’s a great opportunity to combine offers to get two free tubes of Colgate toothpaste at Walgreens. Through the link below, print out two of the manufacturer’s offer for $1.00 off of one Colgate toothpaste. Bring those to Walgreens and grab two tubes of Colgate that are on sale for $2.99 each. Use the offers and your Walgreens card at checkout. You’ll receive $4.00 worth of rewards for your purchase on your Walgreens card, effectively making them free!

Click below to get your free sample!

Get Two FREE Colgate Toothpastes at Walgreens!

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  1. I truly believe the packaging of this toothpaste is this good do you use as it looks House of me it worked on whitening teeth with some toothpaste don’t do even though it says it does.

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