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7 Responses

  1. Josiya says:

    I really need it

  2. Amy Want To Try Tide Soap&Gain Soap Okay

  3. Amy Want To Try Tide Soap &Gain Soap Okay

  4. Avos Stickney says:

    I have submitted many requests for samples but have never received anything.

  5. Estella Hunt says:

    I’m still giving this sote a chance.

  6. Connie pettit says:

    Amy,love try Tide,see if it get my kids and hubbys clothes super clean,please.and mine to of course.

  7. I filled out the form but got cheesed off when they not only wanted to know my gender but apparently the only type of female is married! I need to look into the company that makes Tide to see if that is their mindframe or if its the company they’re using to shill their samples.

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